Dade City EQ-NX Hotels is designed to be technology-rich, boutique, upscale hotels situated in key central business district of the city. EQ-NX Hotels business model emphasizes a high-exposure, visibly attractive and profitable hotel product. The business plan stresses tightly-disciplined land acquisition and development, superior design.

EQ-NX Dade City will consist of four (4) core components a luxury hotel, luxury residences and a full service office center located in the urban core of Dade City, Florida. Residents and guests will have access to the services provided the respective components.

The building design will be consistent with the historic nature of Dade City while incorporating the latest energy saving and technical capabilities available. The building mix-use will be defined on specific market / location demand with only the supported uses being incorporated into the individual maturation. The three core inclusions consist of the boutique hotel / residential component and office center in the Dade City location.



New Construction


City of Dade City


117,394 sf / 2.695 AC

LOT 1:

55,320 sf / 1.27 AC

LOT 2:

62,073 sf / 1.425 AC

LOT 1:

Building A: 52,940 sf
Building B: 50,100 sf

LOT 2:

Building C: 36,000 sf

Leasing Information

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